Chrome plated profiles & listelos collection

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Chrome plated profiles & listelos collection

A new collection of trims and listelos with a chrome plated finish, applied using the best available electroplating technique.Just as with chrome plated fixtures in bathrooms, chrome plating our trims and listelos gives them an extraordinary touch of beauty and added resis-tance to corrosion and use. The surprisingly high shine achieved with this technique brings that extra feeling of elegance to the customer’s installation

Profile 10 x 12 mm.

Profile R 12 x 10 mm.

Profile 10 x 25 mm.

Profile L 12 mm.

Profile L 10 mm.

Profile 10,5 mm.

cromados_2_ok cromados_ok


Profiles of 2,60 mts. lenght


Boxes of 5 pieces

Available colors

Chrome plated

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